Friday, August 5, 2011

Im crazy over Filipino movies!

If you have watched MariMar or Dyesebel before for sure you know these two prominent hero and heroin.

They are Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes or perhaps more remembered as Marimar/Bella Aldama and Sergio Santibanez.

AFTER watching these two in MariMar, i have been strucked with addiction to watched
more of Filipino movies and series.
In those days where Kristine Hermosa and her partner in reel, Jericho Rosales were famous in
Malaysia for their Sana y Wala ng Wakas,
im not really into Tagalog movies as I was into Mexican.
But it turns other way around after my cousin Ms. SNA said that i should watched this MariMar
as it is so COOL! Hehehe yeah indeed what she said was right :)

back to our topic.. i am really in love with this Tagalog movie
and i actually learn a few words of Tagalog like.. Mahal Kita, Salamat, and a few more *i forgot ready

These are a few movies acted out by these two hot couples Marian and Dingdong (DongYan) :

One True Love - I watched without subs at online streaming, luckily i can understand hehe

 I watched You To Me Are Everything with Subs, just downloaded it yesterday :) love this movie for their sweetness and humour !

So if anyone of you know any good Filipino movies,
do suggest to me okhay??

LOVE syaida :)

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